My Natural Pool is a chlorine free pool maintenance product that simply works. The nanotechnology in My Natural Pool works very much like Mother Nature intended. The eco-friendly formula contains basic metallic elements of the Earth that transforms pool water and virtually eliminates all toxic chemicals.

The water environment that My Natural Pool creates is like swimming in a high mountain lake. It’s a cost effective, human friendly solution that becomes part of the entire body of water.

Colloidal copper in the formulation helps condition skin and hair unlike harsh toxic chemicals that dry skin and hair. My Natural Pool is also friendly to the environment and greatly simplifies pool maintenance.

My Natural Pool;  Cost Effective, Non-toxic, Easy to use (just one treatment per month) plus it’s environmentally friendly, so Order Today!




1. My Natural Pool is an eco-friendly chlorine free pool maintenance product. This unique formula is not affected by heat, sunlight or the load (people) in the pool. Unlike other pool products My Natural Pool is incredibly stable which is why pool owners only need to add it once a month.

2. My Natural Pool becomes part of the entire body of water and does not dissipate like other maintenance products. FOR THIS REASON pool pump running time can usually be reduced to only 1 to 2 hours per day.

3. The vast majority of pool owners can quickly realize a $46 to $65 monthly energy savings which annually adds up to an energy savings of $552 to $780 USD. To discover how YOU can significantly reduce your energy bill simply review COMPARISON CHARTS AND CALCULATE ENERGY SAVINGS. Then simply order and switch to My Natural Pool. It’s that easy!

NOTE: California pool owners add 25% additional savings due to higher energy costs.

4. My Natural Pool is effective since the formula is designed to work with Mother Nature. My Natural Pool creates the best pool water environment on the market and it nourishes both skin and hair with its proprietary colloidal copper formula. It is odorless and greatly simplifies pool maintenance.

5. My Natural Pool is  cost effective as it is priced just below the total cost of maintaining a chlorinated swimming pool. However, there is a HUGE cost differential, given the My Natual Pool annual energy savings advantage of $552 to $780 USD.

NOTE: The average (20,000 gal.) U.S. pool owner can totally cover the cost of My Natural Pool just from the energy savings realized from reduced pump running hours. It’s like finding FREE MONEY to pay for all of your eco-friendly pool supplies and meanwhile your pool water is amazing!