Fundraising FAQ’s


Questions and Answers

Q   What Organizations Qualify?                                                    
A   Non-Profit: Schools, Religious Organizations, Environmental   Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kiwanis International etc. All  are subject to approval by MNP.

Q   What forms of payments are accepted?
A   Money orders or wire transfer are both accepted.

Q   When does the product need to be page for and how is it delivered?
A   Payment in full is due after the agreement with MNP has been authorized by all parties. Delivery is then made by a truck hauling firm generally within 30 days of the payment being received by My Natural Pool.

Q   What is the average number of gallons that most pool owners generally order?
A   One or two gallons is typical for an average pool (20,000 gals. is average) however pool owners with larger pools (30,000+ gals.) generally order three gallons or an entire case which is four gallons.

Q   What are the benefits of a My Natural Pool Fundraising Event and what sets it apart from other events?
A   a) My Natural Pool is an elemental mineral formulation that is an incredible eco-friendly solution for pools.

b) MNP can significantly reduce toxic and carcinogenic chemicals like chlorine.

c) The Race For Prevention and Safe Water For Kids both endorse MNP.

d) The scientific community first urged North American leaders to ban chlorine by the year 2005. President Clinton then worked to ban it and The Race For Prevention is demanding that chlorine should finally now be banned, so we and especially the children can live longer and healthier lives without being exposed to this toxic chemical.

e) In areas with a number of pools selling MNP can help achieve or exceed fundraising goals.

f) MNP also provides a program where teachers, organizers, speakers and others to obtain eco-training classes and instruction by The Environmental Education Center. The classes are designed to advance environmental change.