Water Treatments


The Science Behind Our Nano-Technology Formula
My Natural Pool holds the exclusive marketing rights to for this patented chlorine free formula that Worldwide Pure Water™ controls.

The key to the formula is its ability to keep nano-particles in suspension.   The formula uses Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Silver.  Within a swimming pool environment the formula transforms the water, essentially mimicking how Mother Nature keeps her water pure and clean.

As a chlorine free pool treatment My Natural Pool becomes part of the entire body of pool water.  My Natural Pool is not affected by heat, sunlight or the load in the pool (people) AND, My Natural Pool is only added once a month.

Superior to Salt Systems
Salt Systems generate chlorine gas.  The chlorine gas is then pumped into the water and while this process renders chlorine odorless, the fact is the toxic and carcinogenic chemical is clearly present.  NOTE:  We strongly urge any pool owners that have a salt system for their pool to check the chlorine level to ensure your pool is not exposing your family and friends to a toxic level of chlorine.  Residential pools using this method should maintain 1.0 to 1.5 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine.

Counties in California have begun banning Salt Systems that are connected to municipalities.   During back-washing salt treated water passes through these municipalities and is generally then discharged back into local rivers and streams.  This water contains a higher salinity that adversely affects fresh water ecology and can kill fish.  As a rule, due to the high cost of building desalinization plants most Water Municipalities do not eliminate salt from their water works.

Better than Inline Treatment Systems
There are three major problems with inline pool treatment systems:

  1. They only treat pool water when the filtration system is running for 10 to 12 hours each day.
  2. Swimming pools pumps generally turn over their water every 3 to 5 hours, and they rely on electricity to run.
  3. By-products from swimmers, birds flying over and contaminants that are carried in the wind all contribute to nasty matter your pool treatment and filtration system need to deal with to maintain a safe water environment.

For the reasons listed above inline pool treatment systems are NOT an ideal way to maintain swimming pools.  Swimming pools are not like spas.  Pumps run continually on spas, they are often covered and they turn over their limited water capacity quickly.

My Natural Pool becomes part of the entire body of pool water providing natural protection 24 hours a day.  Unlike inline systems, My Natural Pool does not rely on pool pumps or even electricity to do its job.

Chlorine Needs to be Banned
In 1996 the scientific community strongly recommended that North America should consider banning chlorine by 2005.  The chlorine industry in the U.S. rakes in over 50 Billion Dollars a year!  The by-products of chlorine are PCB’s and PBB’s  two of the deadliest compounds known to man.  Consumer should ask themselves, do you really want to support an unhealthy product when there is a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative?

Time for Earth Minded Individuals
Even if a pool owner is not concerned with the adverse long term health effects that a carcinogenic compound like chlorine can cause, consider this; every chlorine ion will ultimately destroy what would otherwise become over 100,000 ozone molecules.  It’s time to re-think our use of chlorine.

To safeguard our long term environmental and health interests it’s time for all humans along with our politicians and governments to ban chlorine.  It’s time for all pool owners and pool service companies to choose a healthy alternative to chlorine.  It’s time to do the right thing for humanity and Earth.

Consumers have the RIGHT to Choose
YOU have the right to choose healthy products that protect your family and friends.  YOU can be an advocate for creating change while protecting our global environment.

Thank you!