1. Swimming Pool Pumps – Are generally suggested to run 10 to 12 hours every day.

2. ALL chlorinated pools, salt pools and in-line copper/silver maintenance systems require this extended pool water circulation time to distribute chlorine or copper/silver ions/particles throughout the pool

3. Chlorinated Pools – Chlorine dissipates rapidly from heat, sunlight and people who enter a chlorinated (includes salt pools) pool absorb chlorine rapidly. For these reasons chlorinated pools require 10 to 12 hours of circulation each day to maintain the level of chlorine that is needed.

4. Salt Water Chlorine Generators simply create chlorine and when chlorine gas is pumped into water it is odorless. Regardless chlorine dissipates or is absorbed in salt pools just like a pool treated with chlorine tablets. Therefore an extended 10 to 12 hours of water circulation is still required.

NOTE: For additional Need to know details about Salt Pool be sure to read QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

5. Chlorine is a highly toxic and carcinogenic compound. The by-products of chlorine are PCB’s and PBB’s, two of the deadliest compounds known to man. The scientific community recommended that North America should have considered banning chlorine by the year 2005.


The vast majority of pool pumps are NOT energy efficient. However, there is a quick and easy remedy that enables pool owners to reduce their pool pump energy consumption by up to 90%.Generally when determining energy consumption for pool pumps there are two primary factors:a) The size of the pool pump motor, and
b) How many hours a day the pool pump is run

One can easily check a pool pump to see exactly what size (horsepower) pool pump you have. This info can be found either on a metal plate on the motor, or it may be stamped into the motor itself. You may also want to visit the Q & A / POOL PUMPS section for additional details.

Remember, in the past it had been fairly common for pool builders to offer a larger pool motor for no additional cost to win a pool building contract, however larger motors generally cost more to operate.

My Natural Pool is the only formula that enables pool owners to reduce their 10-12 hours of pump running time to as little as one hour. My Natural Pool is the only formula where the ENERGY SAVINGS associated with the product can totally cover the cost of My Natural Pool. This fact literally blows the other swimming pool water treatments totally out of the water.

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