• CRYPTOSORIDIUM – Commonly known as Crypto, dangerous and potentially deadly bacteria, has become more and more resistant to chlorine.
  • Here is what the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reports…

    Cryptosporidiosis is a gastrointestinal illness caused by protozoa of the genus Cryptosporidium, whose taxonomy continues to evolve.
    In immunocompetent persons, cryptosporidiosis is characterized by weight loss, abdominal pain, diarrhea, which can be profuse, usually nonbloody, and watery, as well as anorexia, fatigue, joint pain, headache, fever, and vomiting (5). However, asymptomatic infection also can occur (6–9). Recurrence of symptoms after seeming resolution has been frequently reported; illness is self-limiting, and symptoms most frequently completely resolve within 2–3 weeks (5).

    • Crypto often comes straight through our water municipalities since 90% of the municipalities in the U.S. only filter down to 7 or 8 microns. To filter out Crypto you must be able to filter down to 2 microns.
    • While our lab continues to work on a solution to this problem we strongly urge all pool owners to only use DE and Sand Filtration Systems and to backwash on a regular basis. Also remember to replace DE powder each time in DE Filtration Systems.
    • Swimming pools provide a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment for everyone but remember an ounce of preventative is worth a pound of cure. Let’s work together to keep our pools a fun and safe environment.
  • PUBLIC POOLS – This notice is to ALL OWNERS AND MANAGERS of: Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Community Pools. While a minimum of 1 ppm of chlorine is currently mandated in all public pools you can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine that you use by adding My Natural Pool to your swimming pools. My Natural Pool acts as a stabilizer to chlorine and for that reason MNP can reduce chlorine consumption by as much as 50%. While chlorine is significantly affected by heat, sunlight and the load on the people (people soaking up the carcinogen called chlorine) these factors have very little effect on My Natural Pool which is why only a small amount needs to be added each month.