For Health considerations pool owners should:


1) Eliminate carcinogenic compounds like chlorine due to the rise in cancer cases
2) Choose eco-friendly products that will protect the health of family and friends
3) Learn the role that chlorine plays in THE OZONE DEPLETION PHENOMENON
4) Lower the risk of West Nile Virus since mosquitoes won’t breed in My Natural Pool
5) There is a reason why My Natural Pool can more than triple the life of expensive pool liners, pool sweeps, covers and other pool equipment.
My Natural Pool is a highly advanced water technology providing an extremely human and eco-friendly alternative. Today smart pool owners can replace one of the most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals known to man – with a totally friendly, extremely cost effective water eco-alternative. It really is a no brainer, isn’t it?


Pool service companies can have an incredible opportunity with My Natural Pool to:

  • Gain a major competitive edge with a cost effective and amazing product
  • Safeguard the health and well being of pool owners, children and employees
  • Reduce the use of chlorine toward safeguarding Earth’s Ozone Layer
  • Enlighten the public about how salt pools are contaminating fresh water streams
  • Educate the public about ways home owners can protect their loved one from toxic and carcinogenic chemicals

CONSIDER THIS: Every chlorine ion destroys what would otherwise ultimately become over 100,000 ozone molecules. It is our responsibility to protect Earth’s Ozone Layer for the safety and wellbeing of generations to come.