Two counties in California have already banned the use of salt water systems for pools.  Fines of up to $5,000 USD and 30 days in jail are written into the policy.  These fines are being placed against any residences that have salt water pools found to be connected to municipal sewer systems and no pools are excluded or grandfathered in.

The reason for this is that back-washing a salt treated pool results in salt water entering the water municipalities.  From there, after treatment, the vast majority of municipal water is then run into streams and rivers. Salt water can kill fresh water species of fish as well as plant life.

Since most municipalities are not equipped with an expensive desalination plant, it was only a matter of time before the ill conceived salt generators would be put out of business.  Under the Clean Water Act contaminating fresh water is illegal as it should be, since less than two percent of all water on Earth is drinkable.

Salt water pool systems generate chlorine gas, that when injected into pool water renders the chlorine odorless.  So while swimmers in salt water pools may not smell the chlorine the fact is that the carcinogenic chemical known as chlorine, is still there.

Campaigns will be launched to enlighten municipalities and the general public about the contamination of fresh water with salt water.  Based on the strength of the Clean Water Act, we believe all states and municipalities will soon be forced to totally ban salt water pool systems.