1. Sanitize Pool (20 min)
2. Add MNP (10 mins. later)
3. Play (30 mins. later)

You can convert from Chlorine, Bromine or Salt Pools to My Natural Pool in just 30 minutes and be swimming within one hour! Then within three days most pools can reduce their pump running time to just one hour!

To Sanitize Your Pool – We recommend a specific brand and product it’s made by BioGuard called Burnout 3. We use this to burnout all organic matter since organic matter is essentially food for algae. You will need one bag of BioGuard Burnout 3 for every 6,000 gallons of pool water. Note: All pool stores do not carry this product. Click on this Store Locator to find the nearest dealer.

Easy Conversion – Pools with DE (Diatomaceous Earth) or Sand Filters and NO visible Algae

1) Remove all leaves and debris from pool and baskets, then backwash pool filtration system.

2) Turn pool filtration system to run continuous, i.e. take stops off. (For initial conversion filter will usually run for 3 days.)

3) If the pH is 7.6 or higher it is best to LOWER your pH in advance to 7.5.
TO DECREASE pH: add 1/3 cup per 20,000 gals. muriatic acid diluted into plastic pail one third full of water, carefully toss water into deepest part of pool away from walls. Repeat every 2+ hrs. until you achieve the correct pH. ALWAYS RUN THE POOL PUMP WHEN ADDING MURIATIC ACID.
TO INCREASE pH: add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your pool every two hours to achieve the correct pH.

Note: For excessively high pH, lowering the pH to 7.5 may take a couple of days and numerous treatments of muriatic acid. Just remember you lower the pH very slowly as to not adversely affect the alkalinity. After converting, maintaining the correct or ideal pH of 7.2 is easy (adding MNP will lower the pH) however during the swimming pool season it is best to adjust it weekly.
See pH under Q & A for additional pool maintenance tips.

4) With the filtrations system running carefully sprinkle the BioGuard Burnout 3 over the entire pool placing more over any deeper areas, always following precautionary instructions by the manufacturer.

5) Thirty minutes after applying the BioGuard Burnout 3 you may add the initial start-up amount of My Natural Pool. Measure and pour Three and One Half (3.5 cups) Cups of MNP for every 10,000 gals. of pool water. It is best to round up to the nearest 5,000 gals. A 16,000 gal. pool is treated as a 20,000 gal. pool etc.

6) Keep filtration system running for three full days UNLESS all cloudiness has completely disappeared. BEST TIP for checking cloudiness is to turn on your pool light at night to determine when your pool is crystal clear. NEVER use what is called a Super Clarifier (see Q & A section for additional details) however a regular Clarifier may be used according to its instructions. Note: Clarifiers are never or rarely needed with MNP.

7) At the end of the third day the pool should be crystal clear. At this point you can reduce the pump running time generally to 1 hr. Electricity is less expensive before 7 am and after 7 pm. To start we recommend running the pool sweep from 6:20 am to 6:50 am and then run the skimmers from 1:00 pm to 1:10 pm and then again from 7:00 pm to 7:10 pm. TIP: If you have a water fall that you enjoy listening to at night you can try reversing this schedule.

Monthly MNP Maintenance:
1) ADD 1 cup for every 10,000 gals. once per month
2) Maintain ideal pH of 7.2. weekly

See Q & A for additional smart tips for maintaining proper pH. MNP TIP: Mark Your Calendar for the entire year so you do not forget to add MNP.

NOTE: My Natural Pool is not like other pool treatments since it becomes part of the entire body of water and it stays in suspension. For these reasons MNP does NOT require circulation. As incredible as this product is, it does not remove leaves and other debris which is why one needs to run the pool sweep and skimmers periodically to keep the bottom of the pool as well as the surface clear.

Note: Cartridge filter owners and pool owners using Bacquacil please contact MNP for additional instructions.